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Setup for Closed Loop Systems

Closed Loop Setup

Fluid Pro can provide all of the needed equipment to make your closed loop system a success!

Benefits for dewatering during drilling operations.

Dewatering is an important part of any drilling operation. It helps to maintain compliance with environmental rules, while lowering overall waste volumes and long term liabilities.

Dewatering also decreases cost of disposal by making fluids reusable throughout multiple wells and drilling sites, along with decreasing weight and solids content when sent to disposal sites.

Finally, dewatering can greatly help with the drilling process by improving penetration rates, wall cake integrity, and chemical usage. These improvements include the added bonus of decreased drilling costs per well.

Volumes & Solids

When processing active systems, the processing volumes are important. Higher processing volumes decrease the amount of solids allowed to circulate down hole, thus becoming finer and collecting more solids. The KGL series centrifuges are capable of processing high volumes of fluid, and with adjustable settings, they are capable of maximizing the amount of solids removed in a single pass.

Single Stand for Two Centrifuges

Weighted Material Recovery

When weighting material retention is important; the KGL series centrifuges can be combined and adjusted to keep weighting materials, while still extracting the low gravity solids. Commonly known as barite recovery, this system decreases cost of weighting materials while still optimizing drilling fluids for best performance.

Fluid Recovery & Reagent Usage

Vertical Cuttings Dryer

Fluid Pro vertical cuttings dryers (VCD) can effectively recover large amounts of fluid from the cuttings being discarded from flow line shakers. This fluid can then be processed by a KGL series centrifuge and returned to the active system. This method allows for the recovery of fluids, while minimizing the amount of low gravity solids in the active system.

The dried cuttings from the VCD can also be used as a reagent for other cuttings and clean up purposes, which decreases the amount of other reagents being used during drilling operations.

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