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What is dewatering?

Dewatering is most commonly known for the process of removing water from solid materials or soils. The process is done with centrifugation, wet classification, and/or filtration.

Dewatering is also referred to as the process of removing ground, drainage, or flood waters from a construction site or similar type of location.

Why choose Fluid Pro?

Dewatering units built with mobility in mind; each unit can hold enough chemical to start up and continue running. The ability to haul chemical helps to remove the need for additional trucking during moving operations.

Custom designed injection manifold, paired with our KGL-38000 Centrifuge, allows us to process large volumes of fluid, while keeping our overall chemical consumption low.

Custom built centrifuge stands and catch tanks help make rig up and down faster so our clients are not waiting on us.

Large variety of pumps, shakers, tanks, and other equipment to meet the needs of individual projects.



New digital systems allow operators to email daily reports to key personnel, keeping everyone up to date with daily operations. Digital integrations will also allow for better data retention and offer new options for reporting.

Safety training has been completely digitized providing new video training options and a more efficient way to keep staff up to date with important safety topics. Job Safety Analysis, Behavior Based Observations, and monthly safety topics are all in digital format.


Constantly training, and improving

Safety is a top priority at Fluid Pro. Our staff actively participates in monthly safety topics by reviewing videos & taking exams online. All staff are required to fill out Safety Observation Cards and review Job Safety Analysis. More information can be found in the HSE Section.

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