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Dewatering & Solids Control Services

Reserve Pit Cleaning & Reclamation

Fluid Pro can handle all of your reserve pit reclamation needs, whether it be removal of residual fluids or a full reclamation, let Fluid Pro take care of it for you.

Centralized Processing Location

Do you have a centralized reserve pit that needs to handle volumes from multiple rigs? Our solutions are customizable to handle large volumes and keep up with the high demands of multiple drilling operations disposing of fluids in a centralized pit.

These solutions can be customized to meet indvidual needs with some of the following options:

  • Dual KGL-38000 Centrifuges on a single Dewatering Unit.
  • Generator(s) to power equipment in remote areas.
  • Trash/Fisher pumps used to pull fluid from reserve pit.
  • Premix Tank for processing through to prevent drastic changes when adding fluid to pit.
  • Filter trailer for additional filtering as needed.
  • Loader & Excavator for managing cuttings removed.

Complete Reserve Pit Reclamation

Fluid Pro has experienced staff that can handle the complete process of reserve pit reclamation. Our solutions are designed to quickly process and remove fluids from the reserve pit, after which the final drying of remaining solids can be completed. Finally, the reserve pit can be prepared and capped according to state regulations.

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