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Setup for Surface Drilling

Fluid Pro offers a complete, custom setup for surface drilling rigs. This setup includes all equipment needed to move and rig up on each location.

Benefits for dewatering during drilling operations.

Dewatering is an important part of any drilling operation. It helps to maintain compliance with environmental rules, while lowering overall waste volumes and long term liabilities.

Dewatering also decreases cost of disposal by making fluids reusable throughout multiple wells and drilling sites, along with decreasing weight and solids content when sent to disposal sites.

Finally, dewatering can greatly help with the drilling process by improving penetration rates, wall cake integrity, and chemical usage. These improvements include the added bonus of decreased drilling costs per well.

Mud System

Fluid Pro 480 BBL Premix for Surface

The mud system has been custom built for surface drilling. It includes two flow line shakers, desander, and built-in pump house which holds the charger pump, desander pump, gun pump, and feed pumps for dewatering. The system is self contained and can be moved by one truck.

Surface Sump Tank

Connection to the drilling rig is done via flexible hose, so a multiple well pad can be done without the need to move the mud system. The included sump tank transfers returned fluid back to the mud system using the same flexible hose and is light weight so it can be easily moved with a small loader.

High Volume

KGL-38000 Centrifuge Setup on Surface

The surface system uses our KGL-38000 Centrifuge and also includes a 20 foot catch tank with built-in stand. The KGL-38000 is capable of processing high volumes of mud quickly, making drilling and cementing a smooth and quick process.

The custom design of the dewatering unit and its injection manifold allows for processing high volumes while maintaining a low chemical consumption.

Additional Equipment

475 kw Generator Distribution Panel

With a wide range of generators, power is never an issue. Ranging from 70kw to 525kw there is always enough power to run the surface system and additional equipment if needed.

Fluid storage is never a problem with our 400 BBL upright tanks that are included with all surface systems. In situations where more storage may be required, various premix tanks are also available.

John Deere 626K Loader

For cuttings management and rig moves, the John Deere 624K loader is also included with necessary attachments, so that rig up/down can be completed quickly without the need for additional 3rd party charges.

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